Waste of space

My boobs wont stop growing! I feel like the earth is trying to claim them with gravity. BUT ON A MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: MY BUTT.

Actually no I’m just kidding. The important thing is that I MADE A MYGIRLFUND ACCOUNT. And I forgot because of the internet hiatus. LAME. So everyone go give me some love since I missed the hey look at this new girl crowd ]:

My name on there is IamBoogers

So if you could pretty please go check it out :]

Also I am totally lost on that site so any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    so many bonerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs
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    first, babe alert second, is that an octopus tattoo :33333333333
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    You definitely should do all of the above because I love Boogers. Heh…
  6. broodqueen said: what questions do you have? I’ve been on there a while as sweetsassafras.
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    Boogers is awesome, check out her page and show her some love.
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