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Happy Mother’s Day!

The United States is only 1 of 4 countries in the entire world that does not have mandatory maternity leave. Humans have been breastfeeding for 80 million years. Placing these two facts together, imagine the drastic and negative implications of severely altering our natural behaviors in order to accommodate the restrictive working environments in place for women (and new fathers!) when it comes to fostering their infant children. 

We can’t ignore our biology, and technology is not always a replacement or substitution for what has taken tens of millions of years to evolve. This interview with Dr. Martin was eye-opening for me, and made me realize that maternity leave is an issue that can have a negative rippling effect across our society. Hopefully we can use this knowledge of human biology and evolution to ensure we’re accommodating future generations to the best of our abilities. 

Check out How We Do It, and read more of Dr. Martin’s work on his blog at Psychology Today


From the petition:

The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave. Forcing families to choose between going without a salary and having a baby is unethical. Forcing mothers to give up caring for their newborns because they are going broke is not acceptable.

Yeah guys some of you might remember that infographic that went around tumblr a while ago that listed countries according to their paid maternity leave, well here’s your chance to help remove that big ‘0 weeks paid maternity leave’ from the United States.

This petition’s goal is 100,000 you can do that tumblr!